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I. Creative Mentoring

I've been working in the creative industry more than fourteen years and I’ve been working with creators, artists and designers for a decade. This experience let me gain deep insights about how creative people struggle to be 'present' at the chair every day. 

I wanted to help creators at a practical and emotional way to enable them to work more efficiently than before. Therefore, I’ve participated to a creativity-coaching program at CCA, New York.

A creator may have career concerns, creative blocks, and emotional issues and may face challenges that come from the need/desire to create. As a creativity mentor, I am working with artists, illustrators and freshmen to help them progress in their creative lives.  The mentoring investigates client’s today and possible future. (We don’t interfere with past issues like psychoanalysts do.)

If you need support for your creative life, please send me an e-mail to get more information about mentoring: iraz[at]

II. Corporate Consultancy

I give mentoring to teams of creative agencies, academies and companies based on corporate and individual needs.

 Besides creative industry, I offer programs for non-creative businesses like audit, law firms where people need creativity in terms of work solutions. 

III. Talks & Workshops

For events, festivals and special gatherings, we can collaborate too. Talks about creativity, courage, creative potential and related topics. 
We can work together to organize a workshop based on your needs.

- Female Creatives Goal-Setting Workshop, 2018

Through this workshop, I’ve worked with female creatives to let them verbalize their dreams, define their goals and action plan for upcoming year.  At the end of the workshop, we held a brief art theraphy session. We asked them to design their creativity mantra with clay and flowers, collaborated with our artist friend Müjde Polatkan.