I. Pop-up Experiences

We believe 'real life' is the original social medium. The old-fashioned, face-to-face kind of interaction does matter. We create concepts for launch event and campaign communication at customer touch points.

Client: Akasya Mall|LET'S Experience
‘LET’S’ is a pop-up shopper experience designated for Akasya Mall during its launch period. The experience concept attracted people by its strong and appealing visuals. Guests chilled at the indoor picnic, playing games, listening to vinyl music selection by Kontra Plak and a coffee break. 


II. Art of Retail 

Stores are still at the heart of the business. But consumers want more than 'selling products setting'. We build creative concepts that brings high engagement with people you want to reach.


Client: Camper | Hidden Store

Camper extended its product variety also in fashion category. The brand asked us to communicate its new collection to fashionistas and influencers in a unique way.

In collaboration with Building - a concept store in Nişantaşı - we took over its downstairs floor and store windows. We created a pop-up experience, highlighting the theme of Camper's new black & white collection . The invitation video is delivered via event host Nil Ertürk. More than 500 people attended to the opening event.