I. Artist Co-Creations

It is the age of collaborations; fancy ad agency period is passé. We are out in the street, in the coffee shops, observe real people not fictive audiences and gain new insights everyday.  We work close with our creators network and become the bridge for brands who are willing to collaborate with artists and creators for their future projects.

Client: Swatch | Swatch X You

Swatch newly released  ‘Swatch X You’ collection, enabling people to customize their watch from colorful components with their personal style. To highlight this, our strategy is to demonstrate design features through collaborating with young artists. Ece Ağırtmış, Rafael Cemo Çetin, Derya Ekşioğlu and Didem Yüce visited Swatch store and designed their own watch. As we've collaborated with Calling magazine in this project,  branded content was published and video was online on  Swatch & Calling social media accounts.


II. Exhibitions & Art Events

We build bridges between our clients and creative fields to bring experiences that will trigger curiosity and inspiration.

Content Hotel is the place where art & culture experiences are built to inspire.

Client: Range Rover Velar | Less is More

Exhibited at the Design Museum, Range Rover’s newly launched model Velar stands for new design language as ‘reductionism’  Based on the core idea, we created a design selection that highlighted the key features of the car. Collaborating with audio, visual and experimental artists, we introduced the distinctiveness through linking with artist works. Project execution and production is realized in collaboration with Calling.